Pacharán Navarro

  • The Specific Mark of Pacharán from Navarro with the help of the Technical Institute and the Agricultural Management of the Government of Navarra has made great efforts to domesticate the Pacharán plant, raw material used in the production of the product.

    In this way, they have managed to create some optimum varieties for this crop with an excellent agronomic behaviour and fruit of high quality for the production of Pacharán from Navarro.

  • Prunus spinosa L. The fruit of the Prunus Spinosa L, is the sloe (pacharán, arañón...), an element that characterises Pacharán from Navarro. The sloe is a round, deep blue fruit, bitter on the palate and about the size of a walnut. It is made up of skin, pulp and a stone. It has a high vitamin C content and is made of tannic acid, flobaphene, malic acid up to 3%, sugar, pectine, rubber, red pigment and punicianine. In the seeds, cianhydric acid can be found.


    The condition of the pacharans at time of soaking is of great importance. The more mature fruit have are more likely to lose colour and substance. The green one are acidic and take time to transmit their properties.


    It is difficult to judge with the eye if a pacharán is mature or green because the exterior looks the same. To find out, the fruit must be pinched because the degree of maturity can be detected by the colour of the pulp. The acceptable colour of optimum maturity is ruddy red.

  • RG pacharan

    Pacharán from navarro is a drink made from natural alcohol, with a clear flavour of sloe, obtained by the soaking of the fruit in alcohol with it gradually occupying more space and finally taking between 25 and 30% of the volume. It has a pleasant fruity aroma, is sweet with a tinge of aniseed, red coloured or deep pink and is attractive. It is also characterised by its clarity and shine.


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