• The brand "Hand Crafted Food" consists of a distinctive sign that certifies some of the following features:

    • The intrinsic characteristics of the product, that differentiate it qualitatively from other similar products.
    • The specified characteristics of those traditional products that are not defined by the national or communitary ruling.
    • The management of the use of the brand and the control of it correspond to the Institute of Agro-food Quality of Navarra.

    1. Requisites that must be met before products can be regarded at "hand crafted foods":

    • Use of the brand "Hand Crafted Food" can only be given to those products that have a Specific Technical Standard.. (See relation to Technical Standards).
    • Authorisation will only be given individually to the product or products that are requested and not the whole range of articles that are produced by the requesting producer.
    • It is the job of ICAN to resolve requests of authorisation that have previously been referred to the Hand Crafted Committee (See composition of the Committee).
    • Authorisation has a temporary nature and is granted for the period of a year but can be renewed.

    2. Requisites that companies must fulfil to be classes as "hand crafted food producers":

    The companies listed in the Register of Hand Crafted Agro-food Companies of the Agricultural Department of the Navarran Government can opt to use its symbol.

    Companies that produce or transform some of the products listed in the Repertoire of Hand Crafted Agro-food Trades of Navarra can apply to be registered as hand crafted traders if they meet the following conditions:

    • The installations and establishments, as well as the quality and hygiene/sanitary conditions of the products meet the prevailing standards.
    • The company has an active taxation licence.
    • Its production processes are manual although a certain level of mechanisation of piece operations is allowed, exception always being made of raw materials.
    • The responsibility and management of the production processes is carried out by an agro-food hand crafter who takes part directly and personally in the execution of the work.
    • The structure of the company is of family type, with the collaboration, if necessary, of a number of permanent workers who are not from the family but do not exceed ten in number.
  • The current brand "Hand Crafted Food" originated in an initiative launched by a group of eight companies that saw the necessity to come together with two fundamental objectives:

    • The standardisation of hand crafted products.
    • The control of them.

    The ruling that existed at that time for agro-food hand crafted products consisted of a Foral Decree 103/1994 that was insufficient in everyway because it defined hand crafted products and the industry ambiguously and did not establish a system of control that would guarantee hand crafted products. So the Association created an internally functioning Ruling that has lead to the Regulatory Standardisation Stipulation of Hand Crafted Agro-food Products of Navarra, drawn up in the Resolution of the Navarran Government on 29th May 2000. Within this are drawn up all the characteristics that must be present in the hand crafted product, the Specific Technical Norms of each product or group of products, the symbol of the hand Crafted Agro-food (given by the Association) and the approval of the commission of its management and control for public society ICAN (Institute of Agro-food Quality of Navarra).

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