Piquillo de Lodosa. Designation

  • All the processes involving cultivation, reception of the fruit, packaging, and certification of the final product are monitored by the Regulatory Board, which has implemented its own quality system according to the European Union Standard 45011. Part of the activities of the certification system (inspection and analysis of the final product) are carried out by entities accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body) according to its respective standards; 45004 for inspections carried out by the Institute for Food and Agriculture Quality of Navarre, and ISO/IEC 17025 for finished products, carried out by the Sensorial Analysis Laboratory of the Public University of Navarre and by the CNTA - Spanish National Centre for Food Technology and Safety.

    The implemented certification system is based on:


    • At field level: They are aimed at guaranteeing the origin of the product.
    • At industrial level: : the different phases of the elaboration process in the industries are inspected by controlling:
    • That the manipulation of the fruits is done without bathing them in water or in chemical solutions.
    • That no canning liquid is added in the canning process. .

    Besides, some random samples are taken for their posterior analysis in the lab.


    • Physical and chemical analysis: They make sure that the canned pepper meets the quality rule regarding Canned Vegetables and that it corresponds with the own characteristics of the Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa
    • Sensory analysis: They establish the attributes which better describe the product and the best intensity of each of them. The parameters that are taken into account are:
    • Opening of the can or jar: among others, the characteristic smell, the uniformity of length and colour of all the peppers, and the number of fruits are measured.
    • Evaluation of aspect: any fissures are detected, the tip, colour, any rests of skin, the thickness and any remaining seeds are checked.
    • Feeling on mouth: the firmness and roughness of the flesh, the characteristic flavour, the acid flavour, the spicy sensation, and the persistence of the flavour are analysed.
  • The menbers of the plenary of the Regulatory Board are democratically elected every 4 years, from those inscribed into each of the electoral rolls: Production (cultivators) and Elaboration (canning industries).

    Members of the plenary

    The President : Mr. Gerarzo Marzo Cuenca, member of the Production sector.

    The Vice-president : Mr. Cayo Martinez Sainz, member of the Elaboration sector.

    Members of the Production sector:
    Mr. José Angel Sancho Martinez
    Mr. José Sarasa Murugarren

    Members of the Elaboration sector:
    Mr. Pedro Luis Antón Gurrea
    Mr. Domingo Díaz de Rada Yoldi

    Members appointed by the government, who can give their opinion, but with no right to vote::
    The Councillor for Agriculture, Livestock and Food Issues: Ms. Natividad Izquierdo Virto
    The Councillor for Industry, Commerce, and Tourism: Ms. María Regalado Rosino

    The Board appoints a secretary: Ms. Ana Juanena, who attends to the Mettings and can give her opinion, but who has no right to vote, and declares the beginning and end of each of the meetings.

    The Board gathers when the President calls for it, being compulsory to hold a meeting at least once a quarter.

    Click here to download the Regulations of the Designation

  • The Regulations of the D.O. Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa and its Regulatory Board were approved by an Order from the Department of Agriculture, Livestock, and Forestry of the Government of Navarre on 16th February, 1987. Afterwards, on 8th March, 1987, it was ratified by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

    The pepper included in the Designation of Origin Pimiento del Piquillo de Lodosa needs to be a whole canned fruit of the categories Extra or First Category of the variety “piquillo”, cultivated and elaborated solely in one of the eight villages authorised by the Regulations.

    Its high quality and highly special flavour distinguish it from other kinds of peppers. It is internationally renowned, being its name included in the European Register of Designations of Origin of Agricultural Products.

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