Roncal cheese. Designation

  • The Control Board is the control structure responsible for ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Regulations of the title. To this end, it has developed a quality system based on the European Standard EN 45011. Implementation of this system has led to the regularization of the checks carried out by the inspectors name and that they are supported by software tools.

    • The milk comes exclusively from registered farms located within the production area.
    • Milking, cooling, storage, collection and transport of milk is controlled by the Control Board.
    • The cheese is made in dairies registered the processing area and controlled by the Control Board.
    • Maturation and maintenance is performed in local Igul registered and controlled by the Control Board.
    • The final product is subjected to physico-chemical and organoleptic analysis related to quality assurance.

  • Roncal Cheese was the first to receive the PDO Cheese from Spain by order of March 2, 1981 of the Ministry of Agriculture. Subsequently, Regional Order of July 3, 1989 the Department of Agriculture and Food of the Government of Navarra, Regulation of the Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board and approved.

    The main objective is to strengthen the Regulatory Council, investigate and control its development and improve product quality through an approval to monitor dairy laboratories of each company, a permanent record of both dairies and farmers, an official tasting committee that takes organoleptic or sensory evaluation of processed cheese and some physico-chemical controls by the relevant laboratories.

    Descargar el Pliego de Condiciones (BOE Nº 69, Resolución 19/02/2009)

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