Roncal cheese. Roncal Cheese

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    The milk for the Roncal cheese, can come from any point of Navarra. But the development and maturation of the cheese should be undertaken only in the seven municipalities of the Valle de Roncal: Uztarroz, Isaba, Urzainqui, Roncal, Garde, and Burgui Vidángoz.

    Roncal Valley is one of the few landscapes that can still offer travelers the beauty of unspoiled nature, an unusual combination of human and ecological wealth. The climate is distinctly continental, with heavy snow winters that make the valley an ideal place for skiing, sunny and hot summers invite you to stroll along the green slopes.

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    • Cylindrical Format.
    • One to three kilograms.
    • With two substantially planar faces.
    • Fatty. With a minimum of 45% fat on a dry matter basis.
    • Cured for a minimum of four months.
    • The taco hard and rough bark, brown or straw colour.
    • Hardback with no eyes and pores.
  • The latxa sheep is one of the main factors that make the Roncal cheese apart from the rest. It is a native sheep of prehistoric origin, which keeps almost unchanged its original features and is native of Navarre and the Basque Country. It is primarily dairy, very alive and untamed nature, and adapted to the rugged geography in which pasta. There are two varieties, blonde face and black face. Their natural diet is fresh grass that grows abundantly in the mountains. Produces a limited amount of milk, but it is high quality, richness, fruitiness and aroma..
  • The development of Roncal cheese can be summarized in seven steps:

    1. Curd: the process by which milk passes from liquid to solid by the action of an acid or an enzyme. This is achieved by the addition of rennet.
    2. Draining: in the phase of draining the whey from the curd is separated by a series of cuts in the dough which facilitates the expulsion of fluid retained.
    3. Cut into curd blocks: the pre-pressed curd is then cut into blocks.
    4. Styling: the curd is put into molds to which they previously cloth to facilitate whey drainage be placed. It is important that the curd rather cover the entire mold.
    5. Pressing: the pressing process is to complete the draining function, provide the cheese its final shape and form crust.
    6. Salado: after removing the cheese blocks, they are introduced in a brine (salt water) dense and cool for at least 30 hours.
    7. Maduration: is maintained for about 40 days in the first ripening room (12 º C), and then passes to a second cold room (7 ° C) and less moisture, where it remains about 2 months.
  • Properties

    Water (gr) 35 B1 (mg) Calcium (mg) 1.200
    Energy (kcal) 420 B2 (mg) Iron (mg) 0,6
    Protein (gr) 32 Niacin (mg) Magnesium (mg) 0
    Carbohydrates(gr) 1 B6 (mg) Zinc (mg) 50
    Lipids (gr) 32 Folic Acid (nanogr) Sodium (mg) 4
    AGM Monounsaturated (gr) 10,2 B12 (nanogr) Potasium (mg) 4
    AGM Polynsaturated (gr) 0,88 C (mg)  
    AGS Saturated (gr) 19,1 A (nanogr)  
    Cholesterol (gr) D (nanogr)  
      E (mg) 0  

    The Roncal cheese is an important asset in calcium, a mineral highly recommended for all those who suffer a bone decalcification process. In addition, it is noteworthy that the bioavailability of absorption by the body is also excellent, because of the high calcium content is compounded by the presence of factors that facilitate the absorption and subsequent use of that mineral: vitamin D, phosphorus and fat. Is also presented as a good alternative in ensuring the supply of calcium in people who can not take milk have lactose intolerance. This carbohydrate present in milk, often becomes a problem in certain people who lose the ability to digest it. But in the process of making cheese, lactose is transformed into lactic acid, thus, the problem disappears intolerance.

    • It is advisable to cover with wax paper cheese surface after cutting.
    • The vegetable drawer of the refrigerator can be a good place to store the cheese, and that the ideal storage temperature is between 6 and 10 ° C.
    • To enjoy the full flavor of Roncal cheese and its aroma, it is necessary to take it at room temperature.
    • Supporters of a type of Roncal cheese with a stronger flavor or more healed, can prolong your healing before opening.
    • The cheese does not allow freezing.

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