Advantages of joining

Being part of Reyno Gourmet means joining the global communication of quality Navarra products, and building upon their renown and the positive perception of them held by the public. 

It is to benefit from constant promotional work which combines the label’s own campaigns with participation in events of great public impact which benefit the image of products from Navarra. To access new market positioning opportunities available to Reyno Gourmet products, both in small shops and in the main distribution groups.

To be present at the industry’s main trade fairs, such as Alimentaria, Fruit Attraction and Salón Gourmets, with the support of Navarra group participation and comprehensive professional support for grant applications, image, logistics, communication, etc.

To have your product certified and identified with the guarantee label for quality products from Navarra and have it recognised as such a product in the market.


  1. Grants to adapt labels and/or packaging design, incorporating the Reyno Gourmet label. 
  2. Welcome plan as a Reyno Gourmet company: mention in social networks, news on the RG website and presence in the newsletter.
  3. Reyno Gourmet will acquire products with the label for engagements and events throughout the year for which it is necessary to purchase Navarra agri-food products. 
  4. Dissemination of news in Reyno Gourmet communication media: newsletter and social networks, provided that it is related to products with the Reyno Gourmet label.
  5. Priority in promotional campaigns at retail outlets organised every year by Reyno Gourmet in the main distribution chains, such as: El Corte Inglés, Eroski, E. Leclerc, Hipercor, Carrefour, Solbes, Sánchez Romero… provided that they already sell the products. 
  6. Priority to take part in events organised by Reyno Gourmet: presentations, showrooms, workshops aimed at the public, professional tastings…
  7. Participation in exclusive commercial meetings for Reyno Gourmet companies: commercial networking.
  8. Co-funding of advertising campaigns specific to the company provided that they simultaneously promote the renown and visibility of the Reyno Gourmet label (television, press, radio, outdoor, online media, etc.).
  9. INTIA will provide and instal the external identification common to all the companies with the label. 

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