Navarra Chistorra

The sausage known today as ‘chistorra’, or ‘txistorra’ in Basque, is a typical sausage from Navarra.

The presence of chistorra or txistorra in Navarra’s gastronomy dates back to at least the beginning of the 19th century. The collective label ‘Chistorra de Navarra’ / ‘Nafarroako txistorra’ / ‘Txistorra de Navarra’ came into being in September 2022.

Chistorra de Navarra

Production Area

Navarra Chistorra

The geographical area defined for the production of Navarra Chistorra / Txistorra includes the entire Community of Navarra.

Chistorra is a product that originally came from Navarra which, due to the reputation it acquired and how readily available it became, is now eaten throughout Spain.

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Características Chistorra de Navarra


Chistorra is a meat product made from pork meat and fat, which is minced and marinated with salt, paprika and garlic, stuffed in natural lamb gut or edible collagen casing and subjected to a short maturation process of at least two days.

Shape and outer appearance (on leaving the drying room/prior to packaging):

Colour and appearance when cut:

The product can be sold ‘air-dried’. In this case, the chief characteristic is that the sausage skin is natural lamb gut and has no additives, and the activity of water is not limited.

Raw materials

The only raw materials and ingredients which can be used in the preparation of the protected product are:

Certain additives are also allowed as options, including some preservatives and antioxidants, spices such as cayenne and pepper, and aromatic herbs such as oregano.

Only the txistorra with the Chistorra de Navarra / Txistorra de Navarra / Nafarroako Txistorra guarantee label, in any of its three language versions, is a certified txistorra which guarantees the qualities of the product.

On the product which comes in natural gut and contains no additives, the indication is included on the label on a green background.